You are spectacular

Welcome to bad girl bolshoi

We want women and girls to be empowered.

We want inner transformation to be grand, and in our hands.

We want our imagination to be ever-expanding.

So, we’ve concocted a dose of “making” workshops, that are fun, and a little bit different.

Join us on an adventure, where the spectacle is in the Making.

We are women from all walks of life.  Headed to a place we can call home.

Some call it recovery, some call it discovery. It is a revelation and a celebration.

Let’s make!

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Our workshops are:

Person centered

Your identity, your voice.

Set achievable goals.

Your control.

Multi disciplinary

Learn new skills.

You can do it!

Multi sensory

Express yourself.

Trust your instinct.

Fun and playful

Discover new worlds.

Make new friends.


Only for you.

Find your own rhythm

Our minds have no limits

Design your Future

Making is at the centre of our process.

Making connects us to our core, opens up new perspectives, and brings purpose. 

We are makers with lived experience of recovery and our art has been our guide.

Together we can create a world where we are heard, upheld, healthy and happy.

We can all Make- so let’s get to it!

We are piloting hands-on ways of supporting women with Eating Disorders to nurture the individual and tell our stories.
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